Day 7 – Camden to Pulpit Harbor

Day 7 – Camden to Pulpit Harbor

Camden Harbor, Maine
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Our alarms went off in quick succession, we rowed into shore to meet my mom and sister for breakfast at Boynton McKay. During breakfast I felt like my unruly sailboat hair was betraying my funemployment, all the strangers were showered and dressed nicely. We grabbed snacks at the grocery in preparation for a day sail with our guests. Our friend Logan came over from Rockport to join too. Exiting the harbor, we saw an enormous private yacht anchored to the north.

Le Grand Bleu, Camden Maine

We circled her, Le Grand Bleu, in awe. On deck she carries not only a twenty one meter motor yacht, but also a twenty two meter sailing yacht, both twice the length of Isla. I can’t imagine they’re used often. A quick google revealed a Russian-American oil businessman as the owner.

Le Grand Bleu with Sailing Yacht, Camden Maine
We’ll settle for the auxiliary sailing yacht, final offer

Winds were light near the harbor but soon we were moving south towards Rockport at 5.5 knots. We tied to the town dock and walked up to Logan’s apartment to grab some fishing line I had shipped to him; he had forgotten to bring it with him.

Dinghies in Rockport Maine
Definitely keeping The Dingy

We chatted, tied to the dock for while, admired the clever dinghy tie up system on the docks, and ate our snacks. We sailed back to Camden, said our goodbyes, and motored back out into Penobscot Bay, headed for Pulpit Harbor. Fog swept over the small islands to the south of Isleboro.

Fog in Penobscot Bay, Maine
Cool Fog

Thanks to a stiff breeze, we pulled into the harbor before sunset.

Sailing in Penobscot Bay, Maine
Ferdinandrew Magernest

We anchored between three of the tourist laiden schooners staying for the night. We grilled a couple sausages for dinner, and soon Andrew’s cousin’s family came to see Isla. The kids were learning to sail Optis and 420s, a thirty six foot cruiser-racer was rendered amazing by the comparison. But it is amazing, really, the towering mast, huge sails, wide deck, heavy tiller, and a comfortable place to live three steps down from the cockpit, all for less than a used car.

Second set of guests back ashore, I sat down at the table to assemble a handline fishing rig, and Andrew started a podcast on the stereo.

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