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  1. Totally enjoyed reading about your trip up to this point… thanks for checking out my post about chewonki in instagram.. that led me to your blog… it seems that our paths have crossed a few times.. we are enjoying what we refer to as semi retirement.. although keeping quite busy.. we spent the last three summers working at mount desert campground which is on somes sound.. it sounds like you may have spent a night on a mooring just off our shores… and we are currently caretaking a property on robinhood cove.. Robinhood marina is in sight from our dock… and we spent last winter working at a campground in CO .. Glen Echo in the Poudre Canyon.. we enjoyed fort collins, but our favorite hangout turned out to be the Howling Cow Cafe… Looking forward to reading more about your trip.. I like the fact that you made relatively short daily hops most of the time.. if all goes well, we may be sailing our compac 23 on Robinhood Cove next summer… jt

    1. Hi Jason! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. That is quite the string of coincidences, maybe we enjoyed the same sunset over Somes. I spent a lot of time on MDI growing up, and still have extended family who live there. I drove by Glen Echo a handful of times last winter as well.

      Having Caly on board necessitated frequent trips to shore, but we enjoyed exploring as much as sailing, and so it was nice to be off the boat for a good part of the day anyways. Good luck with your sailing adventures!

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